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It is difficult to find the words that describe my gratitude for the owner.  She has gone above and beyond my expectations.  My husband and I felt very lucky to have found her, who is the perfect example of all that we ever wanted...a solid, dedicated and loving breeder.  Our little Zoey's is the most beautiful puppy we have ever hope for and she brings so much joy as another addition to the family.  The owner has been there for us every step of the way.  I feel so comfortable knowing I can contact her at any time and she will be there to answer any questions I may have, along with giving me guidance with any concerns that may arise.  Finding and selecting a breeder is very stressful and I am beyond pleased with the choice I had made.  This breeder truly love her puppies.  My little princess is a dream came true and I am forever grateful to Sassy Southern Shih Tzu.


Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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Thank you so much for your kind words, Cindy.  It brings me such joy knowing that Zoey's is loved and cherished so much.  I will always be thankful for you and your sweet family for giving her such a great home!